Actress Selma Blair Shares her Story on Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Yesterday on national TV actress Selma Blair shed light on what those fighting Multiple Sclerosis experience on daily basis. These candid details regarding the pain, confusion, and symptoms have instantly helped raise awareness for this chronic condition. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disorder where the cells from the immune system attack the nerve cells of the central nervous system. A substance called myelin covers our nerves allowing signals to pass from our brain to the body and vice versa. During a flare up this nerve covering becomes inflammed and the signals between the brain and body become disrupted. 

Dr. Ata has over 19 years experience diagnosing and treating complex Multiple Sclerosis patients. He will provide expert compassionate care by listening to your concerns and ordering the necessary tests to make an accuate diagnosis. With proper diagnosis and treatment life with MS can be improved and its progression controlled. 

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